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Last updated on 04/08/2021

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Padlet and GriffithU Padlet are approved and free web applications featuring a virtual wall where students can collaborate and post media. They can be useful for teaching and learning to encourage collaboration, engagement, creation and sharing.


Padlet is like a 'living' webpage or virtual wall, users can add links, videos, files and images to Padlets and arrange them. There is also a growing suite of Padlet Templates making creation easy for you.

This can be useful for teaching and learning to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing around particular topics for face-to-face, online activities or both.

Padlet is available to us in two forms:

1. Basic (free) comes with the following features:

  • Themes
  • Stats
  • Premium wallpapers
  • Cross-device support for uploaded videos
  • limit of 15 Padlets
  • Suitable for recommending for Student Use

2. provides all of the above plus the following:

  • Unlimited Padlets for GU Staff
  • Login via Griffith Credentials for Staff and Students
  • Deployment of Padlets via URL (Secret) or embed within Learning@Griffith (Item)
  • NEW - Integration with L@G allowing for provision of Padlet Templates to Courses for Student creation/engagement via LTI Linkage.

>>> Here is an example of one of the great templates to give you an idea.

Timeline Example

Made with Padlet

An example of a timeline Padlet


Please check out the related entry '10 Things you should know about Padlet Backpack'

Enabling Technology

Griffithu Padlet Backpack Access - For GU Staff & Students

Logging in:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with ‘Institutional Account’ (Microsoft option)
  3. Use your Griffith Staff / Student credentials


Things you should know about deployment of Padlet in our VLE


Both Padlet platforms provide a range of sharing options including:

  • Add Members (this method gives 'admin' control over the padlet to your collaborators or team members)
  • Share via embed (See notes below on Embedding)
  • Share via QR Code auto generation (snap with phone QR scanner to go direct to Padlet)
  • Share via URL (Secret) - GriffithU Padlets are set to 'secret' as default, meaning if you send the URL users can access. If you select 'Private' you must add membership to view that Padlet.
  • Share templated Padlets to Course Students for creation using the Blackboard Tool link (LTI)


  • They embed beautifully in Learning@Griffith
  • They embed beautifully as a TAB in Microsoft Teams ('view or share' link depending on use-case)
  • They do not embed within Microsoft Forms or Sway (suggest use of normal accounts for this specific purpose). Please note: the University is currently working with vendors to enhance this capability.

>>> See the 'Padlet Tactics for Empowering Pedagogies' entry for ideas on implementation, or seek assistance from your Academic Group L&T Consultant (Design/Curriculum).

>>> How to add a Post in Padlet (NEW!)
Watch this video to see the new Post Editor in action.


>>> For more information, examples and information visit the L&T Support Site Padlet page.


Support Resources

Technology Support


A selection of How-to Padlets

  • Should you need assistance in the pedagogical application of Padlet to your course, please contact your A. Group L&T Consultant (Design).

If you get stuck

  • Call x55555 (L&T option 4) to log a request for assistance
  • Seek assistance from your Academic Group L&T Consultant (Design)


Draw on a Padlet

Pedagogy Support

Check out the 'related items' for some great Padlet Tactics for Empowering Pedagogies, and /or seek advice from your Academic Group Learning & Teaching Consultant (Design).

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