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Last updated on 20/02/2020

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The Discussion Board is a medium for posting and responding to messages. Conversations are grouped as threads containing posts and all related replies. Discussion Board conversations are logged and organised as threads.


If you have a lengthy discussion board post to make you may wish to work offline first then copy and paste to the Discussion Board. We recommend that you use WordPad, Notepad or TextEdit, or a similar text editor program. Avoid using Microsoft Word programs as there are technical issues associated with them in relation to this tool. (WordPad and Notepad have limited formatting options so you may wish to adjust formatting after you have pasted into the Discussion Board).

Instructors are able to set up assessed discussions in the Edit Forum page in the Forum Settings section, under Mark and Due Date.

You can enable the option for yourself and your students to subscribe to a Forum, meaning you will get copies of any messages in your inbox. However, you cannot reply to these emails - you need to log into your Learning@Griffith site and type your reply into the Forum itself.


Your Learning and Teaching Consultant can suggest ways to optimise the use of Blackboard Discussion Board for your teaching practice.


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