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Last updated on 20/02/2020

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Portfolios provide a powerful medium for students to collect and organise representative work completed during their course of study.

They offer a means to demonstrate formative and/or summative progress and achievement.


Portfolios can be used as an alternative method of assessment with formative value for students. They can be a powerful tool for integrative learning, as well as a device for self-branding and professional development.

Portfolios can:

  • Encourage active reflection
  • Foster reflection on the principles central to an academic discipline and the university as a whole
  • Facilitate the integration of topics and themes across disciplines and over time
  • Provide a forum to synthesize work and share work with others
  • Contribute to development in many ways, including: personal development, academic development, and career development
  • Provide a resource for demonstrating skills, abilities, and experiences in the job-search process

Portfolios for Assessment
Portfolios can be a powerful tool for assessment. Instructors can measure what concepts students have mastered and where there may be gaps in learning. They can be used as formative assessment throughout a course of study, and for summative evaluation at the end of a course or degree.

Portfolios have additional benefits over other methods of evaluation in that students can potentially select what they consider to be their best work.


When using ePortfolios, please consider:

  • The skills of your students and yourself in using the technologies to create and review
  • Access to relevant tools for all students - what alternate options are available if a student doesn't have internet access?
  • The purpose for using ePortfolios is clear to your students
  • ePortfolio tools offer templates and functionality to suit various levels of skill levels


Your Learning and Teaching Consultant can suggest ways to optimise the use of Blackboard Portfolios for your teaching practice.

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