VoiceThread for Orienting EdTech - Review and consider possibilities

Last updated on 20/11/2020

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VoiceThread for Orienting
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This guide provides context and support for using VoiceThread as a vehicle for orienting student cohorts or ‘getting to know each other’ use cases.

VoiceThread is a tool for enhancing communication and engagement with content and each other.


The true power of VoiceThread in this context is the ability to create a ‘sense of belonging and engagement’ for students and to instill a supportive ‘presence’ within the Course/Instructor context.

VTs can also be used to measure engagement in the first few weeks as a great way to 'get to know each other and the Learning context'. Creating a low-risk Ice-breaker VT is also a great way to introduce VT to students.>Strategies include:

  • Create a 'Get to know each other' VT
  • Create an engaged Course O/V VT and ask students to comment
  • Create a supportive space, the Course Q&A VT


You will find that if you give students the option to comment in voice, video, or text, most will choose text. Keep in mind that students will be nervous — so leaving friendly feedback levels the playing field and helps creates a supportive environment for all learners (setting the tone).

The application of VoiceThread to your practice may align with the following:

Academic Plan 2017-2021 - Personalised & Active Learning

GLTC Framework - 'Optimising technologies to support learning'

Enabling Technology

Important - Always access your VT links via L@G to avoid user-account conflict.

You and your Students will need access to the following equipment:

  • Laptop, phone or device with camera and microphone
  • PC with USB microphone or camera


Setting up for a VT Orienting Use-case

Basic set-up via Learning@Griffith and guides can be found on ExLNT (Explore Learning and Teaching) VoiceThread Overview and Guides.

Can I measure engagement without giving Marks?

Yes. Click the VT assignment you created for students in your Learning@Griffith Course, you will see who has submitted and can remind students from the VT interface.

In this use-case, you are asking students to submit a 'submit a comment' type Assignment.

VoiceThread allows you to search for comments, and to identify the duration of a VoiceThread (if you have outlined a limit in your Assignment criteria).

Other VT Use-cases can be found by searching VoiceThread or selecting 'Related Entries'.

Griffith Graduate Attributes

The use of VoiceThread may assist the attainment of the following Griffith Graduate Attributes:

  • Effecitve communicators and collaborators
  • Innovative, created and entrepreneurial

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  • Learning Futures


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