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Last updated on 20/11/2020

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VoiceThread for Virtual Q & A


This guide provides context and support for using VoiceThread as a vehicle for a collaborative or peer to peer Course Q & A channel or assignment.


VoiceThread (VT) is like a multimedia discussion space. You or your students can post, share and comment via text, video and audio.

A Q&A VT is a good virtual ice-breaker activity and can be used to get Students familiar with the VT environment and each other. This is especially important if you are using VT for assessment purposes in your class.

The use of VT as Q&A is perfect for both formative and reflective practices as well. For example you may choose to add a Q&A type activity as an assignment.

Some Q & A Use-cases/Ideas:

  • Support Q&A
  • Building on prior knowledges
  • Review & reflection Q&A
  • Oral Quizzes
  • Mock Interviews
  • Skill Assessment (See 'VT for Virtual Practice' Guide' also)
  • Interview Preparation


Important - Always have your students access your VoiceThread links via Learning@Griffith to avoid user-account conflict.

VT is a social and collaborative type of tool.  Students should be aware all online social behaviours are covered via the Student Charter.

Enabling Technology

Equipment & Browser compatibility

Video Cam (Your device/computer, USB Cam/Mic)

VoiceThread is supported fully by the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Learn more about VoiceThread browser requirements



Setting up for a Q&A Context

Basic VoiceThread Overview and set-up and guides can be found onExLNT (Explore Learning and Teaching)

If you want to keep track of 'who has engaged' with the Q&A, set up your VT as a VT Assignment but don't assign marks - this way engagement is measured directly via your Learning@Griffith Mark Centre Column.

There are three types of VT assignment, for this use-case, for example:

  • select a 'create' assignment if you want students to create a VT others can Q&A on around the presentations via comments.
  • select a 'comment' assignment, if you are providing the topic (this may be as easy as providing a slide with a question) and have students Q&A on the topic.
  • Create a 'watch' assignment if you want to provide a video or other type of presentation.

>>> This guide takes you through how to implement the 'New VT assignments'.

>>> This guide is for Students and helps them submit.

Marking and Observing the Q&A VT

A limit can be placed on the amount of comments, how they are provided and you can search for comments, identify the Duration of a VoiceThread.

Basic set-up and guides can be found at ExLNT (Explore Learning and Teaching).

Griffith Graduate Attributes

The use of VoiceThread may contribute to the attainment of the following Graduate Attributes:

  • Effective communicatorsand collaborators.
  • Innovative, creative and entrepreneurial.

Contributed by

  • Learning Futures


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