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Last updated on 18/06/2020

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Smarthinking is a free online tutoring service available to all Griffith students seeking advice on improving their writing skills. They can submit their writing for detailed review, request an appointment or submit questions online.


Smarthinking is a 24/7 on-demand tutoring service available to all Griffith students.  It is designed to develop students' problem solving strategies and empower them to find answers independently.  

It provides:

  • Subject-specific help
  • Assistance with Microsoft Office apps

Smarthinking works with students to address writing-specific topics, including: 

  • Pre-writing techniques
  • Research strategies
  • Documentation
  • Grammar and the mechanics of writing

Students can submit their writing for detailed review in the Writing Center, schedule an appointment in advance, or request a drop-in session. They can submit questions at anytime, and receive a response within 24 hours.

Feedback is maintained in a personal archive which students can access at any time.


Tutors at Smarthinking provide comments and suggestions but do not edit, proofread, or fix student work. The service includes the following options:

  • Paragraph, Standard Essay, or Long Essay Review
  • Grammar and Documentation Review
  • Resume and Cover Letter Review

Each review contains:

  • A response form with substantial feedback on strengths and areas for improvement
  • A revision plan with targeted comments embedded directly in the student’s writing submission
  • A summary of next steps

Enabling Technology


Students can access the Smarthinking service directly from Learning at Griffith in two ways.  

1) Via the 'Tools Menu' in your L@G Course Navigation area (Please do not 'hide' Smarthinking from this list of tools'.) 

2) Via the Smarthinking Organisation in L@G

> Please see instructions for students via the Library


Raising Awareness of Smarthinking - Copy the Awareness Item into your L@G Course Site

A Smarthinking Awareness item is available for embeddeding within your Learning@Griffith Course navigation bar or content.  You can copy this item from the 'Online Resources' Organisation in Learning@Griffith, and if you don't already have access, please contact your L&T Consultant (Design) to assist.  



Griffith Graduate Attributes

The use of Smarthinking may develop the following Griffith Graduate Attributes:

1. Knowledgeable and skilled, with critical judgement
2. Effective communicators and collaborators

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