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Last updated on 13/11/2018

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Accessing data through the PSP+


With a new interactive data visualisation tool – Tableau, Analytics, Planning and Data has evolved the Planning and Statistics Portal into the PSP+. You can now interact with and visualise aspects of program level data as never before!


The PSP+ will enable you to access the data you need, when you need it: fast, simple and beautiful. As a program leader you can use this information to focus practical conversations with colleagues about program design, renewal and innovation.


With the launch of the PSP+, you now have access to three new Tableau dashboards - KPI dashboard, Student Profile for Program dashboard and the Student Profile for Course dashboard, with each of these replacing the original reports in the Planning and Statistics Portal.

The new Student Profile for Program dashboard will give you:

+ Fast and simple access to a range of student attributes for Programs.
+ Ability to interact with Program level data across individual dashboards for Student Demographics, OP and Preference, Educational Background and Ethnicity.
+Access to University, Group and Element level data with the ability to filter by Program, Term, Commencing / Continuing Student and campus.

If you would like to find out more about the new PSP+, register here to attend a computer lab training. Click here to begin the Introduction to the PSP+ eLearning course. To stay up-to-date with PSP+ news, visit our project page here.

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