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Last updated on 28/07/2020

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Wikipedia Article


This scholarly activity requires students to research and write a short piece that has the potential to be published on Wikipedia.

How to implement the strategy

1. Develop and provide students with a list of questions that are suitable for research in your course. 

2. Provide students with this URL that gives information about publishing an entry on Wikipedia 

Or provide a summary of the advice for students. 

Even if the intention is not to publish the piece, the information will help students to develop an article of scholarly writing that meets publishable standards. 

3. Allocate time in the workshop/seminar for students to start researching their chosen topic. It is likely that this activity will take more than one workshop/seminar to complete. 

4. Once the piece is finished have students share it in pairs and/or ask some students to present the article to the whole class. 

The purpose of the strategy

This activity is designed to develop research, written communication, and referencing skills. The piece must be evidence-based and the information included in it must be defensible. The activity can be used to scaffold longer and more significant scholarly tasks. It can also be used as a piece of assessment. 

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The activity can be extended to include a mock-lecture activity. Students can use their research for the Wikipedia article in a short lecture to the whole group. 

Wikipedia Article can also be used as an introduction to peer-feedback and collaboration.  Design a rubric that guides students in assessing a written piece and offering constructive feedback to their peers’ article.  

The learning focus of the strategy

  • Authentic Learning
  • Collaborative Learning

Technology that can be used to enhance the strategy

Teach with Wikipedia provides background support on implementing an assessment task using Wikipedia.

Class size that is suitable for the strategy

  • 20 - 50 students
  • < 20 students

Activity group size

  • Individual
  • Pairs
  • Small group < 10

Year level in which the strategy is often used

  • Post graduate
  • Third Year+

Discipline area (Academic Group) in which the strategy is often used

  • Arts Education and Law
  • Griffith Business School
  • Griffith Health
  • Griffith Sciences
  • Other Group

Phase of the learning and teaching session in which the strategy will be used

  • Main phase of the session

Preparation time for the strategy

  • Between 10 and 25 minutes

Duration of the strategy

  • More than 25 minutes

Level of learning outcome that the strategy is designed to address

  • Analyse
  • Create
  • Evaluate

Learning space appropriate for the strategy

  • Informal space (e.g. library/at home)
  • Online
  • Seminar room
  • Workshop

Preferred Citation

Learning Futures (2020). Wikipedia Article. Retrieved from


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