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Last updated on 19/08/2019

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Celebrity Heads


This is activity is an adaptation of the game ‘Celebrity Heads’, it is a fun way to introduce revision into the class and re-energise students at the end of trimester.

How to implement the strategy

1. Divide the class into three teams and encourage students to select a team name relevant to the revision topic.  

2. Place 3 chairs in front of a whiteboard, ensuring the seats are facing the class. 

3. Select a student from each team to sit in a chair. 

4. Write the key word above each student’s head.  Do this after they have sat down so they cannot see the answer.  

5. Each student takes a turn to ask the class audience a question that requires a yes/no answer. 

6. If the response to the question is:

  • Yes, or not applicable, the student can ask another question. 
  • No, then play moves to the student on the left. 
  • An incorrect guess moves the game to the next player on the left.  

7. Each correct response scores the team a point and a new player from the team takes the chair.   

8. Limit the activity to about 30 minutes to keep everyone’s attention and enthusiasm piqued.  

If you are using a wall, ensure you pre-prepare the cards and bring blue tack to stick them onto the wall.  

The purpose of the strategy

This fun, light-hearted activity can be incorporated towards the end of trimester to re-invigorate students’ interest around content and test knowledge.    

The simple act of asking or responding requires students to recall and understand content.  Working in teams brings collaboration, a touch of competition and team spirit. 

You can use the questions and responses during the game as a guide of student understanding, any misconceptions can be addressed in supplemental sessions or providing students with relevant resources.  

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 This is an excellent activity to revise anatomy, body systems and works well in tutorial settings.   

The learning focus of the strategy

  • Collaborative Learning

Class size that is suitable for the strategy

  • < 20 students

Activity group size

  • Small group < 10

Year level in which the strategy is often used

  • First year

Discipline area (Academic Group) in which the strategy is often used

  • Griffith Health

Phase of the learning and teaching session in which the strategy will be used

  • Main phase of the session

Preparation time for the strategy

  • Between 10 and 25 minutes

Duration of the strategy

  • Between 10 and 25 minutes

Level of learning outcome that the strategy is designed to address

  • Apply
  • Remember

Learning space appropriate for the strategy

  • Seminar room
  • Workshop

Assessment Strategies

  • Formative Assessment

Preferred Citation

Learning Futures (2019). Celebrity Heads. Retrieved from https://app.secure.griffith.edu.au/exlnt/entry/8709/view


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