Re-envisaging BITHM: A Program Transformation Action Research Project General Resource - Review and consider possibilities

Last updated on 02/02/2021

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Re-envisaging BITHM: A Program Transformation Action Research Project


In partnership with Learning Futures, the leadership team of the BITHM program has worked to start a process of transformational change for academic teaching staff and students.


Using program level professional learning and leadership development strategies to build staff capacity, the aim is to enhance curriculum and assessment design through a professional learning community.

The Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management was suggested as a Griffith 2020 program with the potential to be a world-class undergraduate degree program. The passionate leadership team shared a vision to:

●    embed contemporary and scholarly teaching approaches to facilitate deep learning;
●    engage and empower students to become influential advocates of their intended profession; and
●    connect alumni partners who are willing to be mentors for students and champions of the program.

Project scope
The project team adopted a strategic Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach to transform the BITHM program and its learning ecosystem. An agile-like methodology was used to collaboratively design, develop implement and evaluate appropriate systems and practices that:

●    enhance the quality of the BITHM program curriculum and assessment;
●    support the BITHM teaching team to establish and facilitate a BITHM professional learning community focused on course and program enhancement and teaching excellence;
●    support distributed leadership approaches in order to enhance teaching and learning in BITHM; and
●    produce a model for transforming a university degree program into a fully realised learning ecosystem.


Strategic objectives include:

●    enhanced curriculum leadership;
●    constructive alignment and backward design of learning, teaching and assessment;
●    alignment to Griffith's Employability Framework;
●    implementation of active learning strategies and authentic assessment;
●    design of curriculum to support signature pedagogies;
●    awareness of Indigenous perspectives; and
●    transitional pedagogies to support student success from foundation year onwards

Production outcomes included:

●    Design and development of online modules within the program’s Learning@Griffith Organisation;
●    Phased implementation of a series of modules leading academics through the course enhancement process of Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate and Review.

Project partners (Griffith Business School, Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management)

●    Dr Michelle Whitford (BITHM Program Director)
●    Dr Anna Kralj (BITHM Program Advisor)
●    Dr Liz Fredline (Postgraduate Program Director, TSHM)

Find out more
Contact Louise Maddock (Senior Learning & Teaching Consultant), Learning Futures for more information about this project.



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