Teaching in the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) Online Learning Experience - Engage and apply

Last updated on 09/11/2020

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Teaching in the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)
Teaching in the VLE with images of badges


Teaching in the VLE is a Griffith-born Online Course intended to provide awareness, inspiration and ideas for the implementation of VLE tools supporting Active, Authentic and Collaborative Learning aligned to the Griffith Course Design Standards.


About Teaching in the VLE

Technology in the VLE

Some of the VLE Tools and Applications you will encounter throughout Teaching in the VLE include:

  • Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 Suite (OneNote, Stream)
  • PebblePad
  • Echo360 ALP (Active Learning Platform)
  • VoiceThread
  • H5P interactives
  • Smart Sparrow Adaptive Learning Platform
  • Collaborate Ultra

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Teaching in the VLE course you will be able to:

  1. Identify the suite of technology enhanced learning tools available within the Griffith VLE.
  2. Describe the learning and teaching affordances of one or more VLE tools.
  3. Critically evaluate the application of various VLE technologies aligned to the pedagogical intention of a course or learning activity.
  4. Apply appropriate VLE tools into specific pedagogical contexts (if completing optional assessment).
  5. Reflect upon your pedagogical application of your chosen VLE tool/s (if completing optional assessment)

Follow Up Activities


  1. Select the 'Courses' TAB in Learning@Griffith
  2. Search 'Teaching in the VLE'
  3. Select 'Teaching_in_the_VLE'
  4. Select 'Quick Enrol' in the left-hand Menu


As part of the optional Teaching in the VLE assessment, you can start earning Badges as you learn, apply and reflect on your innovative practice. As part of the assessment, you will also be supported in providing a 'Faculty Spark' in Explore Learning and Teaching (ExLNT) to further enhance both articulation of your practice, and awareness of innovative TEL at Griffith University

Support Resources


Contributed by

  • Learning Futures
    Sheila McCarthy & Dr Chris Campbell


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Conditions of Use

Teaching in the VLE is commonly referred to as a SPOC (small private online course). It is open to Griffith University Staff as a self-directed learning experience. Assessment in Teaching in the VLE is facilitated by Learning Futures.

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