10 Things you should know about GriffithU Padlet (Backpack) EdTech - Review and consider possibilities

Last updated on 12/03/2021

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10 Things you should know about GriffithU Padlet (Backpack)
Padlet Templates


Padlet (Backpack) is available to all Griffith Staff at Griffith University. Here are 10 things you should know about using griffithu.padlet.org


  1. Padlet Backpack (griffithu.padlet.org) accounts allow for unlimited Padlets to be created for both Staff and Students - Regular free Padlet accounts only allow for a max of 15 per account.
  2. You can migrate your personal Padlets to the GU Padlet Backpack account - Select your profile icon in your griffithu.padlet.org dashboard to migrate your padlet.org content once registered
  3. Padlet can be enabled in your Learning@Griffith course site - Add your created Padlet experience URL as a 'weblink' via 'tools' for deployment of individual Padlets, and/or deploy templates for Student creation or group access in L@G and integration with Mark Centre (NEW).
  4. Padlet provides a set of great templates including: Wall, Canvas (connect), Stream, Grid, Shelf, Backchannel, Map and timeline.
  5. Padlet support multiple media (& means of representation) including the addition of:  text, images, embedded content such as YouTube & Vimeo(400+ apps), Snap (camera photo), Video (embed or direct from camera), Voice comment and drawing
  6. Padlet can support Active Learning (note-taking, Q&A, commenting, creating)
  7. Padlet can support Collaborative Learning (Group creation, brainstorming and presentation)
  8. Padlet can support Authentic Learning (Crowd-sourcing, research, storytelling, presentation and creation)
  9. Comments/Content can be downloaded as CSV, Excel or PDF versions for reference
  10. Padlets can be accessed in multiple ways;  via Share or Collaborator URLs, Embed Code or QR Code


Privacy & Copyright

Padlet Backpack accounts are set to 'secret' by default, allowing easy share via URL.  

If you plan on embedding or providing your Padlet in an 'external/public-facing ' fashion (i.e. website/blog), please consider the type of impact (copyright, legal, reputational etc.) public consumption of that content may have on the University, Staff or Students. You may want to change this setting to 'Private' rather than 'Secret'.

Enabling Technology

Logging in to Griffithu Padlet Backpack

1. Go to https://griffithu.padlet.org/

2. Sign in with ‘Institutional Account’ (Microsoft option)

3. Use your Griffith Staff credentials


>>> Check out the Padlet & GriffithU.padlet Overview Entry and related item 'Padlet Tactics for Empowering Pedagogies' for more detail and ideas for implementation.

>>> For more information and related resources visit the L&T Support Site Padlet page. 

Support Resources

Technology Support

If you run into issues, you can email hello@padlet.com, or via x55555 (L&T Option 4).

Pedagogy Support

Check out the related item 'Padlet Tactics for Empowering Pedagogy' and/or seek assistance from your Academic Group L&T Consultant (Design/Curriculum) if looking for ideas on embedding within the Curriculum.

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