EAT Framework Appendix F: Student Role in Assessment General Resource - Review and consider possibilities

Last updated on 20/04/2020

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EAT Framework Appendix F: Student Role in Assessment
EAT Framework: Student Role in Assessment


This Appendix to the EAT Framework (Evans, 2016) outlines practical steps to take Assessment practice from transactional to transformative across the domains of Literacy, Feedback and Design.


In supporting the learning progression of students there may be times where a directive approach is the most suitable (such as at key transition points into learning); However, if we are to promote student agency in learning, we need to actively engage them in taking a lead in their own learning. 

Carol Evans, PVC L&T

This Appendix asks you to consider how you engage with students as partners along a continuum from left to right of the table, moving from a directional/telling approach to a more transformative approach that engages students actively in the design of learning and teaching.

Transactional >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Transformative


This resource can be used in several ways:

• as a self-reflection tool to evaluate your own practice

• to discuss teaching approaches with colleagues as an integral part of curriculum design to view key progression points in the student learning process and what approaches are best and where and when; to ensure a consistent approach to engaging students within the curriculum

• shared with students to emphasize the importance of their role within learning and to clarify your expectations of them as partners within learning and teaching

>>> Please see Appendix F attached (word & pdf versions)

>>> Please see 'Enhancing Assessment Feedback Practice in Higher Education: The EAT Framework.



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