Reading: Fill in the blanks

Complete the example Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks task. Practice skills for reading the passage intensively and use contextual and grammatical cues to identify words that complete a reading text. For each blank space, select the correct response from the drop down list. Click 'Check Answers' to view your results.

Lyrebirds, a common bird in rainforest areas of Australia, have an incredible repertoire of sounds that they are able to mimic from their environment, including over 20 other bird calls as well as sophisticated mechanical sounds. They to replicate the sounds of chainsaws and pneumatic drills. The male lyrebird sings a medley of mimicry to impress females -and the more detailed and varied his repertoire is, the more interesting it seems to potential . Like females of other bird species, female lyrebirds do not in the imitating, but simply judge the competing males' symphonies. Once learned, it seems a lyrebird rarely forgets a call, and the sounds are passed down through the generations. There are some lyrebirds in Victoria, Australia, that recreate the sounds of axes, saws and old-fashioned cameras which have not been used in the area for years.