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Accommodation - Residential Life Levy

Accommodation - Residential Life Levy

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 What is the Residential Life Levy?

The Residential Life Levy is your contribution towards residential life in College.

This levy supports a program with seven key areas: Academic, Social, Health & Wellbeing, Careers and Employability, Sport, Cultural and Sustainability. The levy pays for or subsidises social events, study nights, College Sport and much more.

You will already have your Maintenance and Development Fee in your Shopping Cart.

 To arrange payment for your Residential Life Levy:

  1. Click the Add to Cart button
  2. Within the pop-up box, select Go To Checkout
  3. You will then have completed your Confirmation Fee Payment!

 If you experience trouble or need to confirm your payment requirements, contact the Accommodation Office on: PH: (07) 3735 7575

E: accommodation@griffith.edu.au