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GFS Equipment Bond

GFS Equipment Bond

Speedtype GFS1001
Account 1483
Class 00000
GST Applicable N
Student Number

AVOID LENGTHY DELAYS IN PROCESSING YOUR BOND: Ensure you put your student number in when prompted, (including the small 's') that preceeds the number. eg s1234567

What is Griffith Film School Equipment Bond?

As a precaution against theft, loss and damage to equipment, Griffith Film School requires all students to deposit a $110 bond against equipment expenses resulting from damage or loss. However, if any repairs or replacement costs have been incurred outside of normal operational expectations, the group's bond pool can be drawn upon to cover the expense. Student(s) directly responsible for loss or damage will cover at least the first $500 of the costs. 
You must pay $110 bond to cover damage or loss of GFS Equipment and you authorise Griffith University to deduct from your bond any amount it deems appropriate to contribute to your share of the cost of repair or replacement of equipment or any insurance premium. Should your bond amount be drawn upon, you must pay the difference to ensure the full bond amount of $110 is in place. Your equipment booking access will be restricted until this bond amount is replenished to the total amount of $110. After (and not before) the final trimester of your studies with the Griffith Film School, Griffith University will refund to me either the full or remaining bond amount not used to meet such costs, up to a maximum of $110.
PLEASE NOTE: The BOND will become non-refundable 6 years after the last enrolment with GFS.