Mathematics Short Course 2022 - Gold Coast

Mathematics Short Course 2022 - Gold Coast

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The Mathematics Short Course is a five-day intensive training course designed to help students prepare for their university studies that require mathematical knowledge and skills. For those with limited mathematical knowledge, this short course is particularly helpful for their study of:

• Foundation health course: 1001MSC Chemistry of Biological systems 1 and 1002MSC Introduction to Biomedical Data Analysis.

• Science courses: 1015SCG Quantitative Reasoning, 1201SCG Linear Algebra and 1023SCG Chemistry 1.

The course will be convened by Dr William Wen.

Date: Monday 21 February – Friday 25 February 2022.

Time: 9 am – 4 pm.

Cost: $200.00 (GST inclusive).

Refund of fees will only be possible if cancellation is least three days prior to the course (Wednesday 16 February, 2022). A $10 administrative fee will be charged for refunds. We do reserve the right not to offer the course should circumstances necessitate cancellation of the course, in which case a full refund will be paid. The venue for the course is Griffith University, Gold coast campus, Parklands Drive Southport. Any queries can be directed to School of Environment & Science office on 07 5552 8064 or via email at For more information please visit our website.