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The Blurred Minds Academy is a curriculum mapped alcohol and drug education program that uses games, videos, quizzes and in-classroom activities to enhance your students’ knowledge about alcohol and drugs. The Blurred Minds Academy is evidence based, grounded in Social Cognitive Theory and can be implemented with Year 7 to Year 10 students.

The costs for the Academy vary between $6-9 per student depending on the number of students enrolled. This cost includes access to all modules for 1 year from the date you purchase access to our subscription. 

The costs for student enrolments are as follows:



      20 to 100 students ($9.90 per student)*
      101-250 students ($8.80 per students)*
      251-500 students ($7.70 per students)*
      >501 students ($6.60 per student)*
* includes 10% GST

Once you determine the appropriate pricing level for your school, please nominate the number of students to be enrolled using the 'quantity' button.

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