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Package Instalment Payments - Nationals 2023

Package Instalment Payments - Nationals 2023

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Package Instalments
  • Package Instalment Payments
    $100 per instalment (x3) IF purchasing uniform.
    Please note if you have an existing uniform you are only requird to pay two package installments

The Team Selection Bond ($100) payment for Griffith University Students who have successfully completed trials for their chosen sport and been officially announced in the team by the Sport Leader is INCLUDED in your first package payment. The bond payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, if you compete at UniSport Nationals Div or Div  2, your bond will be refunded post-event pending any breaches of the Griffith University Behaviour Guidelines. 

Failure to pay the first package instalment by Friday 2nd June, 2023 will result in your squad position being unconfirmed.

1. All Team Selection Bonds are non-refundable except in the following instances:
A Certified medical withdrawal (refer to Griffith University Nationals Squad Selection Policy)
On completion of your full Griffith Payment package, the Team Selection bond will automatically transfer into a Refundable Good Behaviour Bond (pending Behaviour and Damages).
For more information on the Nationals Funding Guidelines: Please refer to the website 

Please ensure you have filled out the registration form at https://www.griffith.edu.au/sport/sport-and-recreation/represent-griffith/nationals-division-1-2  and have been selected in the chosen sport. 

* Please note that additional to the package payments you are required to pay your UniSport Entry fees by the required due dates.


2023 Nationals – Uniform Fee

To compete at Nationals you will need to purchase the official Griffith University Team Uniform. If you do not have the complete official uniform, Unisport Australia will not let you compete in 2023.
The uniform cost of $100 is included in your package instalment fees if you do not have a uniform from the last 4 years for your chosen sport. 
If you require a new uniform in 2023 you are required to pay x3 package installments.
If already have an existing, approved uniform from a previous Nationals you are only required to make x2 package installments. 
If you have an existing official uniform for your chosen sport and intend to finalise your payments excluding a uniform purchase you MUST provide a photo of your uniform to your GTL for approval by your University Team Manager.
If an athlete has represented Griffith University in the past four years, they will be required to have their full uniform signed off by the Griffith Team Leader for approval. If there are items missing, or an athlete does not have a uniform, they will need to pay for the sports required uniform. If an athlete does not purchase the full uniform by the due date, they will not be able to participate in the event.

 Your uniform will be distributed to you during the final team meeting prior to the event.
 For further information or inquires about the 2023 UniSport Nationals please email Represent@Griffith.edu.au