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SAFDi Fundamental Stage Combat

SAFDi Fundamental Stage Combat

CLASS 00000
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The SAFDi Fundamental Stage Combat certification is an internationally recognised accreditation that has been specifically designed to equip its participants with the fundamental principles, skills and knowledge they will need, to safely and effectively perform theatrical violence moments and moments of physical risk on stage. Throughout the course you will learn and explore various martial and theatrical concepts and styles that combine to form the Fundamental certification. These concepts and styles are:

Body Control - Which explores the use of balance, structure, control of one’s own body, and the biomechanics of movement. You will also explore shared weight and balance exercises. You will develop your strength and conditioning, as well as a skill base in controlling your own and other people’s balance and structure in a safe and theatrically effective way.

Close Quarters -  This includes the exploration of strikes (empty hand and close range weapons such as knives and found objects) in both a martial and theatrical context. These skills will allow you to safely use and react to these strikes and deploy stage combat concepts and principles when in close quarters. You will develop your ability to perform close quarters violence in a safe and theatrically effective way.

Mid-Range - While using a single handed sword you will explore the use of cuts, thrusts, parries, feints, and footwork in both a martial and theatrical context. You will develop an understanding of, and ability to use, a mid-range weapon and will begin to understand basic fencing terminology.

Long Range - An extension to the above units, you will explore the use of a long stick (Staff). This unit introduces you to the difficulties presented by a longer and heavier weapon and how its deployment differs to that of a mid-range weapon.

All certifications are valid for 3 years and upon successful completion of the course the participants are then eligible to advance to the specialisation level of training. This course will be led by Jason McKell.

TRIMESTER 1 - 5:30-7:30PM TRIMESTER 2 - 5:30-7:30PM
February 27 August 20, 27
March 5, 19, 26 September 3, 10
April 2, 23, 30 October 8, 15, 22
May 7, 21 November 19, 23
June 4, 11, 18  


Full Course Fee: $525

Payments can be made in 2 instalments which MUST be paid prior to the first session of trimesters 1 & 2.

Instalment 1: $300  Instalment 2: $225


·         Once the trimester has started, no refund will be made should you withdraw from the Combat course

·         This course is only open to the following Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University Performing Arts department students: 2nd year Bachelor of Acting, 2nd year Bachelor of Musical Theatre, 3rd Year Bachelor of Musical Theatre