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At Griffith University we want to provide you every opportunity to succeed in your studies.

Welcome to the GUMURRII Student Success Unit’s Tutoring for Success Program (TSP)!

Tutoring assistance can be a useful tool for any First Peoples student, whether you have average pass grades or high distinctions. It's a great way to get individualised assistance in areas where you may need improvement. The Tutoring for Success Program (TSP) is available to current First Peoples students in the form of one-on-one or group tutoring for 1.5 hours per course, per week. Leading into exams, you will receive an extra allocation of tutorial assistance. Our tutors are knowledgeable in the units you are studying to ensure you are receiving tailored support whether you have particular academic areas of concern or whether you are seeking improved academic outcomes which could mean the difference between a Pass and a Fail or a Distinction and a High Distinction!

Tutors work with our Student Success Officers (SSOs) and academic learning advisors (ALAs) to accelerate learning and foster excellence for First Peoples students.

To receive TSP, a student must be of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent, and currently enrolled in an award course at Griffith University. To apply, students should contact a SSO and register online for TSP.

TSP is funded and administered under the Australian Government’s Indigenous Student Success Program. There is no cost to the student for TSP.

How TSP works:

  • First talk to an SSO and register online for TSP.
  • Once you register online, your eligibility for TSP is assessed.
  • To ensure that successful applicants receive tailored support, their learning needs are assessed by the SSO and/or an ALA.
  • Successful applicants are then matched, by the SSO and ALA, with tutors who have skills, knowledge and expertise of the chosen discipline in which tutoring is required.
  • The student is required to arrange a meeting with the tutor; when meeting face-to-face is not possible, telephone, Teams or email are used for tutor/student communication. In the first meeting, timetables will be organised, aims and objectives discussed, and the outcomes desired by the student. The student and the tutor will set this out in a Student Work Plan which will focus the tutoring on the learning needs of the student.
  • The SSO will maintain constant contact with both the student and tutor to gather progress updates and feedback. Any concerns that students or tutors may have should be raised with the SSO.

Please remember:

TSP has been established to assist First Peoples students in achieving the best possible outcomes in their courses. Effective program delivery depends on assessment of student eligibility, availability of suitably qualified tutors and prioritisation of funds according to student need.