Wireless sensor technology to monitor environments

Griffith School of Engineering
Cash-poor local councils and developing countries don’t need huge budgets to obtain valuable, continuous environmental data to inform sustainable management policies, new research suggests. Griffith University’s Dr Jarrod Trevathan and the University of Queensland’s Associate Professor Ron Johnstone are refining a wireless sensor network technology known as SEMAT (Smart Environmental Monitoring & Assessment Technologies) that […]

Griffith’s VR bike to get GC2018 athletes ready

Griffith University will take part in a $100,000 project to develop its virtual reality training simulation designed to emulate track cycling at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.   Leigh Ellen Potter, Director of the Innovative Design and Emerging Applications Lab at Griffith University, said the introduction of this innovative technology would help coaches and athletes explore […]

Griffith University accepts AHRC report recommendations

Academic Administration
Following the release of the results of the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) report into sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities, Griffith University has committed to implementing the report’s recommendations in full. The wide ranging report, commissioned by Universities Australia (UA) on behalf of universities including Griffith, has made a total of nine […]

Environmental water needs for the Mitchell River

Australian Rivers Institute
How might future development impact the important ecosystem linkages between rivers, floodplains and estuaries in north Queensland’s Mitchell River catchment? The answers to that question will be crucial to inform water allocation decisions that facilitate environmentally sustainable development in the region. Flowing into the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Mitchell River catchment supports many assets that […]