Bird expert tweeting to the world on bird feeding

Environment, planning and architecture
As Australia reveals its bird of the year, Griffith University’s resident bird expert has shed light on the other issue the country is always torn on – feeding them. Professor Darryl Jones, of the Environmental Futures Research Institute, has released the first ever book on a topic that almost everyone has tried. Hailed as the […]

Young research leader saving endangered animals to study at Oxford

A young scientist has received a prestigious John Monash scholarship to attend the University of Oxford. Emma Dale will study the behavioural ecology of carnivores with a focus on conservation and preservation. There have been 147 John Monash Scholars selected to date, all of whom possess significant leadership potential, are outstanding in their chosen fields and […]

Aviation students fly high in a computer lab!

Griffith University’s reputation as a world-class training centre for aviation students has been strengthened with a brand new lab. The flight procedures lab features a room full of computers equipped with simulators to put students in the cockpit of a plane. Students are able to choose between single or twin engine controls and practise in […]