Pacific challenges: Toward a sustainable future

Department of International Business and Asian Studies
Pacific island countries show a unique combination of geographical, biological, cultural and economic characteristics. However, many of the Pacific island countries are extremely vulnerable to climate change. The islands are undergoing rapid urbanisation and the resulting increased population density magnifies the effects of events caused by climate change. Thus, developing a regional strategy for pacific […]

Institute tackles population growth and challenges to develop smart cities

Cities Research Institute
As our cities and urban populations continue to grow, Griffith University’s Cities Research Institute is bringing considerable expertise to a challenging issue. Previously the Urban Research Program, the Cities Research Institute launched in May 2017 and is capitalising on knowledge and experience from several disciplines. With around 70 academic members, 35-plus adjunct members and more […]

Amazing algae ring find can show climate changes

Australian Rivers Institute
Scientists have discovered “tree rings” in coral-reef building algae that could show signs of impacts of climate change. The Griffith University team made the find using state-of-the-art techniques in laboratories at the Griffith University Nathan campus, the Australian National University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. Similar to tree rings, skeletal banding can provide […]

Marine biogenic aerosols – the “Holy Grail” of climate science

Architecture, construction and planning
Most people think of aerosols as something you’d get from a spray can but scientists are discovering more about how these atmospheric particles are protecting the planet. Research led by Griffith University and the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in the USA, recently published by the American Meteorological Society, has revealed the role marine biogenic […]