Marine biogenic aerosols – the “Holy Grail” of climate science

Environment, planning and architecture
Most people think of aerosols as something you’d get from a spray can but scientists are discovering more about how these atmospheric particles are protecting the planet. Research led by Griffith University and the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in the USA, recently published by the American Meteorological Society, has revealed the role marine biogenic […]

Australia’s carbon-rich mangroves need protection

Atmospheric Environment Research Centre
The thin green strip of mangrove wetlands around the tropical coastlines of Australia and the world are the most carbon-rich forests on earth but they are at risk. Professor Rod Connolly, a marine scientist from Griffith University’s Australian Rivers Institute, is the co-author of new research that shows the vast reserves of carbon being sequestered […]

Leading lake ecologist stresses we must build resilience

Australian Rivers Institute
Faced with the threat of more frequent weather events, society must change its land use habits in order to protect our precious waterways from further damage. That is the view of new Professor David Hamilton who has joined Griffith University’s internationally renowned Australian Rivers Institute, bringing with him years of research and knowledge on lake […]

Building knowledge to adapt to climate change – celebrating NCCARF’s success

Griffith Centre for Coastal Management
Knowledge of how to adapt to climate change in Australia is celebrated this week as NCCARF comes to the end of its second phase of operation and officially launches CoastAdapt, a resource to support coastal managers as they seek to respond to climate risks. NCCARF is the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, which has […]

Efficient catalysts key to turning water into fuel

Centre for Clean Environment and Energy
Griffith University researchers continue to lead the way in harnessing renewable energy sources that will be the next generation of clean fuel, as well as enhanced solar conversion and energy storage devices. The latest research presented in the paper Ultrathin metal–organic framework nanosheets for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution, published in Nature Energy, shows that an ultrathin […]