Deputy Vice Chancellor (Engagement)

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Engagement)
Staff member Phone Location Position
Professor Martin Betts
DVC (Engagement)
(07) 373 57391 Ext. 57391 Bray Centre (N54) 2.11 DVC (Engagement)
Ms Susan Daniels
Executive Assistant
(07) 373 57452 Ext. 57452 Bray Centre (N54) 2.10 Executive Assistant
Ms Saffron Benner
Executive Assistant
(07) 373 57874 Ext. 57874 Macrossan (N16) -1.10F Executive Assistant
Ms Danielle Clarke
Executive Officer
(07) 373 54406 Ext. 54406 Bray Centre (N54) 2.09 Executive Officer
Griffith University Industry Partnerships
Staff member Phone Location Position
Emer Prof Michael Powell
Academic Director, Industry Partnerships
(07) 373 54771 Ext. 54771 Macrossan (N16) -1.10F Academic Director, Industry Partnerships

To call the Griffith Switchboard: (07) 3735-7111 (Brisbane), (07) 5552-8800 (Gold Coast) or Extension 9.

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