Referencing Tool

The Referencing Tool is designed to provide you with examples of direct quotations, paraphrasing and full references for a range of resources you may have used when researching a topic. You will access these references by selecting from the following menus progressing until you get to the detailed information:

  1. The Reference Style:
    • AGPS Harvard
    • APA (American Psychological Association style 5th edition)
    • MLA (Modern Language Association style 3rd edition)
    • Vancouver style

  2. Media Type:
    • Book
    • Print Journals
    • Electronic Journals
    • World Wide Web
    • Government Publications, etc.

  3. Format:
    • one authors
    • two authors, etc.

You will then view the following for that format in Media Type in the Reference Style chosen:

  • An in-text direct quotation
  • An in- text paraphrase
  • The full reference as would be listed in the Reference List at the end of the academic paper

These details can be printed and there is an example of a reference list in that particular Reference Style.

This resource is best used in conjunction with the Academic Integrity Student Tutorial.

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