Getting started at Griffith University

Congratulations on gaining a place at Griffith University. We look forward to making your student experience a positive one and to working with you to achieve your career goals.

In the coming days, you will be sent an email congratulating you on your offer that contains your personalised link which will enable you to set up and access myGriffith. We call this your Starting@Griffith email. If your offer is for a future trimester or teaching period, you may not be able to enrol until later, however you will still be able to complete your pre-enrolment questionnaire, order a Student ID card and submit your USI.

When you receive this email and have set up your password, you can commence your onboarding activities through myOrientation. There is a link to this on your myGriffith site.

Where do I find key dates?

Refer to the Academic Calendar for Orientation and Trimester start dates, as well as when open enrolment commences for your intake.


Do you need to enrol to secure your place?

For students who have received an offer for one of the following programs you will be required to enrol within a short timeframe. Applicants who do not enrol will have their offer lapsed and lapsed offers may not be reinstated.

These programs include (but are not limited to): B Acting, B Clinical Exercise Physiology, B Dental Health Science, B Dental Hygiene, B Dental Technology, B Dental Technology/B Dental Prosthetics, B Medical Science, B Midwifery, B Music, B Musical Theatre, B Occupational Therapy, B Paramedicine, B Physiotherapy.

Once you receive your Starting@Griffith, make sure that you check if you have any requirement to enrol and/or complete other requirements within a specified number of days in order to secure your place. This is a requirement for our competitive and quota managed programs so that we are sure you are coming.

If this is a requirement for you then you must finalise enrolment into classes for at least one course in order to secure your place within the required timeframe. If you do not enrol into at least one course, then your offer will lapse. Lapsed offers may not be reinstated. You must not wait for a credit application to be processed and if you are having technical issues then contact Student Connect within the required timeframe using the details below and state that you need to enrol urgently to ensure that your place in the program is secure. Once your credit application has been approved later, you can amend your enrolment then.

For QTAC applicants you will also be required to respond to your offer in QTAC as well as enrolling at Griffith within a short timeframe to secure your place. These details are included in your QTAC offer email. If you are accepting your offer (whether unconditionally or conditionally), then you must enrol and/or complete other requirements to secure your place within the specified timeframe.


Check myGriffith regularly to receive updates on important information and services to prepare you for study success. Regularly check your Griffith email account as university staff will communicate with you via your student email account.

Many of the services and information you’ll need to access are online. myGriffith is your online gateway to the University and once set up can be accessed via the Griffith University Home Page.

In the meantime, why not visit some of our great sites to get familiar with university life and join our social media groups.

If you are a current Griffith University student, please log in to the portal to see more welcome information.

  • Student connect

    We’re available to answer your questions in person or assist you via phone and Ask Us (email)

    To Ask us a question use the Frequently Asked Questions, or Submit your question using the online form.

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  • Preparing to enrol

    As a new Griffith Student, once you receive your Starting@Griffith email and are set up with access to your myGriffith homepage you can commence the myOrientation which will take you through to How to Enrol information. While you are waiting, you can use this period to familiarise yourself with your compulsory courses, elective options, study load requirements and key enrolment dates. This will allow you to quickly and easily secure your preferred timetable when enrolment opens or once you have access.

    Please ensure that you enrol quickly, should you have a requirement to enrol within a short timeframe to secure your place.

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  • Key dates

    Plan for success and familiarise yourself with key dates throughout the academic year.

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