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What's it like to study online?

In this video students talk about why they value the opportunity to study online. Karley, Claire, Zerinah and James talk about the aspects of online study that have made a difference to them and their careers.

I wish I had known how user friendly it would be and how 'authentic' the experience feels. I would have done it years ago.

Judith - Accelerated Online Student

Studying online is easier than you think.

Like all things getting prepared is key. Steps you can take to get familiar with online study and to increase your chances of success are:

  1. Know where to start by:
    1. Exploring your course
    2. Checking your Course Profile
    3. Planning your time
    4. Thinking about assessment
    5. Getting to know other students
    6. Asking for help
  2. Know what is expected
  3. Understand what technology you need

Knowing what successful students do before your start is also a smart step.

You can check your readiness to study online by completing this quiz.