What is SEM?

What is SEM?
What is SEM?

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Sama Low Choy

This seminar is designed to help participants understand what a structural equation model is, and what it can be used for. The seminar will incorporate an active learning approach, with several group-based activities involving discussion and short presentations. For absolute beginners in SEM, it is recommended to attend this seminar if you wish to attend the following series of SEM workshops.

Format: Interactive - will involve participation and discussion in groups.

Relationship to other RED workshops: Absolute beginners should attend this first seminar to clarify whether SEM is relevant to them, and help judge whether further workshops will be useful for them.

Software requirements: This seminar does not use software.

Preparation: In the weeks leading up to the workshop, you will be invited to join a Microsoft Teams environment, where you can interact with other participants. I ask that, as preparation for the workshop, you find one article that uses an SEM to answer a research question, which is relevant to your research. Please identify a sentence you would like to discuss further with colleagues. You will be asked to post this to the chat (as homework), and you never know, it may start a useful conversation or be addressed by me!


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RSVP on or before Friday 16 April 2021 12.54 pm, by email RED@griffith.edu.au , or via https://events.griffith.edu.au/OmYrDR

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