Performing Geospatial Analysis in R

Performing Geospatial Analysis in R
Performing Geospatial Analysis in R

Principal speaker

Brett Parker

This on-campus workshop will introduce the fundamentals of using and manipulating raster and vector spatial datasets in the R programming language.

We will then dive deeper into spatial analysis and build a generalised linear model to estimate the distribution of a threatened bird species. Although this example models species distribution, the lessons learnt are broadly applicable across other disciplines.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to manipulate (i.e. load, reproject, clip and join) and analyse (i.e. raster calculations, extract specific information, and model geographic problems) with spatial data in the R programming language.

Please note that this workshop is aimed at users with some previous R and GIS experience.

At this stage this will be a face-to-face session at Nathan campus over an 8-hour day. In the event of further COVID restrictions, we will run the workshop online.

The workshop is capped at 20 participants.


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