Repairing the environmental deficit in the land mangaement sector

Repairing the environmental deficit in the land mangaement sector
Repairing the environmental deficit in the land mangaement sector

In this one day workshop a panel of experts will discuss the role of markets, certification schemes and governments in emerging models of land management that embrace environmental stewardship. You are invited to join us online to hear from the experts, ask questions and contribute to their discussions. Your participation is free but registration is essential.

Workshop themes and objectives

Over the past 200 hundred years, Australians have adopted western agricultural models that have substantially changed our ancient and unique environment. Biodiversity loss, soil degradation, acidification and other impacts jeopardize the resilience of the natural environment and, in the long term, reduce the productivity of agriculture - so it's a lose-lose situation for everyone. In the past, Australian governments have helped to drive this decline and there seems little faith in their ability to alter that trajectory. Arising out of this conundrum, markets for environmental services have emerged as a new opportunity for promoting sustainable land management. These markets commodify discrete environmental values thereby hoping to create a pathway to commercial funding for environmental stewardship. Effective environmental markets may provide an alternative or a complement to other public funding initiatives. But is their promise as good as the reality? And what is the role of regulation, governance and public funding in a land sector re-invigorated by an increasing supply of commercial funding for environmental stewardship? With particular reference to the land management sector in Australia, this workshop will:

Examine the strengths and weaknesses of some existing market based schemes for environmental services;

Explore the opportunities and challenges for proposed new schemes;

Compare policy developments for enhanced environmental management in Australia with that in other jurisdictions;

Debate the relative roles of public and private entities in an era of hybridised funding for environmental improvements in the land management sector.

This interactive hybrid (online/ in person) workshop will be suitable for land managers, academics, public servants and anyone with an interest in the provision of environmental improvement activities in the land management sector.

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