A Big Dialogue: Net Zero Without Nuclear?

A Big Dialogue: Net Zero Without Nuclear?

The Brisbane Dialogues continues its mission to facilitate productive, across-the-aisle discussions in pursuit of common ground and possible solutions, or at the very least, better understanding of conflicting views.

People understandably have strong opinions about energy policy, fundamental as it is to prosperity and progress. This is particularly so in Australia when the discussion ranges to nuclear energy. And since we first conceived this event, it has become an explicitly party political issue, raising the temperature somewhat. So let's demonstrate once again that contentious national issues can be discussed frankly, fearlessly and civilly, in a non-partisan way, in public, by people of goodwill, in good faith, in pursuit of truth, progress and better policy.

Everyone wants an energy policy which optimises cost, security and environmental impact - the energy trilemma - but there are fiendish trade-offs to be made. Between supporters of the mainstream policy position that Australia can and must completely decarbonise with mainly renewable generation, and those who think that adding nuclear is necessary and desirable, is there any possible common ground? What might both sides agree on?

Moderated by Griffith University Chancellor, the Honourable Andrew Fraser, hear from panellists with differing perspectives and expertise, in an in-depth, long-form, enlightening discussion in a congenial, conducive setting.

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RSVP on or before Monday 7 August 2023 19.36 pm, by email info@brisbanedialogues.org , or via https://events.humanitix.com/a-big-dialogue-net-zero-without-nuclear/tickets?discountcode=QAAS

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