Become a Master Mentor webinar

Become a Master Mentor webinar
Become a Master Mentor webinar

Get ready to create a positive influence within your Griffith alumni community and contribute your skills and insights to benefit others

This professional development webinar will focus on the fundamentals of mentorship, introduce good practices, and explore how you can develop the knowledge and skills needed for a successful mentoring relationship. Facilitated by Griffith's very own Mentor Master Nicole Graham, Career Development Consultant and Industry Mentoring Lead, you will hear from two highly experienced alumni professionals in their field as they discuss their unique mentoring styles.

Anna Hebron is a values-based leader, public sector executive, strategic advisor and coach who is often approached for guidance in her own practice as well as Qld Representative for Women on Boards. She has been a mentor and trusted advisor throughout her career with more than 20 years of experience producing quality results in complex environments.

Sean Jacobs is a Port Moresby-born Australian writer, government relations and public policy specialist. He has worked with all levels of government in PNG, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia and began as a Griffith Industry Mentor in 2013, while working on the G20 Taskforce at the Australian Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

This one-hour webinar will include:

- The distinctive elements of mentoring

- Setting expectations between the mentor and mentee

- Defining boundaries

- Setting goals

- Strategies for mentor meeting and managing the conversation

- Managing self and leading by example

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