An Overview of Focus Groups

An Overview of Focus Groups
An Overview of Focus Groups

Principal speaker

Professor Barbara Pini

Other speakers

Dr Judy Rose

This workshop provides an overview of focus groups, a data collection method that brings together a small group of individuals (usually around 4 to 12 participants) to discuss a series of research-related questions. It will be divided into two parts. In the first part, Dr Rose will highlight some of the unique features of focus groups and will address questions including: What are focus groups? Why use them? Then, using examples to illustrate, we discuss how your epistemological framework will guide the development of focus group questions and analytical approaches. In the second part of the workshop Professor Pini will draw on her experience of undertaking focus groups as part of a larger sociological study. She will explain her rationale for using focus groups, the design of her focus groups, her data analysis processes, ethics and trustworthiness.


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