Millie the Mathematician - Mr Green's Farm

Millie the Mathematician - Mr Green's Farm

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Suggested Reading Level: PM 5-8; Fountas and Pinnell D-E

In this book Millie the Mathematician helps us learn about number and place value, and how to subitise small collections. We learn that we can recognise how many objects are in a small collection without having to count them. The reader is asked to recognise (i.e. subitise) the number of animals in a collection by looking at groupings that are familiar to them. This book addresses content from the Number and Algebra strand within the Number and place value sub-strand. The specific Australian Curriculum content descriptor addressed is: Subitise small collections of objects.” This book also addresses the content descriptor “Connect number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, initially up to 10 and then beyond.”

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ISBN: 978-0-6480739-3-8