GFS Experience Week

GFS Experience Week

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The Griffith Film School prepares the next general of filmmakers, animators and game designers for creative and exciting careers in the global industry. Our Experience Week is tailored to current Year 12 students considering future tertiary study at the Griffith Film School. During the week-long program participants will be taught by our industry professionals and gain theoretical and practical skills in their chosen area and complete a piece of work for their creative portfolio. They’ll also get a feel for what it’s like to study at the Griffith Film School and Griffith’s vibrant South Bank campus.

When: 21-25 September, 2020

10am - 4pm daily on our Southbank Campus

Cost: $350 (incl GST)

Participants will choose a study area of focus:

Film & Screen Media Production

Participants will gain insights into how films are made, including the basics of visual languages and how moving images are interpreted by audiences. In addition, participants will take part in all stages of pre-production and post-production in both cast and crew roles and have first hand experince producing a live action sequence.


Participants will gain insights into the whole animation creation process. Paticipants will explore all stages of production - from ideation and storyboarding, through to selecting media (2D/3D), editing, sound and export and produce their own animation using the stop-motion technique.

Please note: No refund available if cancelled within 48 hours of this event.