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GFS Experience Week

GFS Experience Week

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Explore the opportunities of this unique program in our "Experience Week".  Whether you’re in your final years of high school or a mature-aged student, this program gives you experience of the theoretical and practical requirements of Griffith Film School degrees, and gives you a taste of student life at Griffith Film School.

Time: 10am - 4pm daily on our Southbank Campus

When: 24th - 28th June 2024 OR  1st - 5th July 2024

Cost: $450 (incl GST)

Participants will choose a study area of focus:

Film & Screen Media Production 

Participants will gain insights into how films are made, including the basics of visual languages and how moving images are interpreted by audiences.  In addition, participants will take part in all stages of pre-production, production and post-production in both cast and crew roles and have first-hand experience producing a live-action sequence.


Participants will work in small groups across all stages of production - from ideation and storyboarding, through to selecting media, editing, sound and export.  Participants will gain valuable experience producing their own animation with focus on animation principles, ideation, audio-visual development and literacy.


Make your own arcade game and gain first-hand experience with the key principles of game design, development and industry.  Immerse yourself in the life of a first year student as you learn about the various facets of game design and development. 

Please note: No refund available if cancelled within 48 hours of this event.

All workshops require a minimum enrolment - in the unlikely event this isn't met, cancellation may be required and registrants will be advised appropriately.  We will advise if the event will proceed by 3 June 2024. Depending on demand, a second week of workshops in Games Design may become available - please contact us directly (by email: gfs@griffith.edu.au) if you can't make the first week (24-28 June), but are interested in the second week (1-5 July). .

Registrations will close 31 May.