Measuring and showcasing research

Measuring and showcasing research
Measuring and showcasing research

Principal speaker

Maria Connor

Other speakers

Fin Boyce

Gain familiarity with tools for measuring scholarship and outputs of research such as citation metrics, benchmarking and altmetrics. In this one hour seminar we will demonstrate locating and using information to highlight aspects of your track record for a grant or promotion application.

The following tools and topics will be covered:

- Why metrics always look better in Google Scholar

- Scopus and Web of Science: what nuggets of information can you find about your research?

- Incites benchmarking: how does your research compare nationally/globally in a particular research area?

This session is one hour, plus 30 mins for Q&A.

This workshop is aimed at academics, from all disciplines, intending on applying for promotion or grants in early-mid 2021. We will assume you have some basic knowledge of citation metrics.


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