About Explore Learning and Teaching

Explore Learning and Teaching is an amazing tool which allows you to search Learning and Teaching practices, technologies and strategies that will inspire and engage our learners.

Entries in Explore Learning and Teaching are created by Griffith staff members from across the university, allowing you to share your experiences with or be inspired by your peers.

Explore Learning and Teaching is Contributed by Learning Futures.

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Project key stakeholders:

  • Karin Barac
    Blended Learning Advisor
  • Heidi Blair
    Deputy Director, Learning Futures
  • Lenka Boorer
    Educational Designer
  • Troy Dobinson
    Manager, Careers and Employment
  • Megan Duffy
    Project Manager
  • David Green
    Educational Designer
  • Sheila McCarthy
    Manager, Innovation Projects

Development team:

  • Oleg Estrin
    Graphic Designer
  • Andy Karas
    Project Officer
  • Evelyn Lugiarto
    Web Multimedia Developer
  • Simone Poulsen
    Project Manager/Content Editor
  • Michael Speirs
    Web Application Developer
  • Cynthia Tait
    Educational Designer


Many thanks go to the wonderful groups and individuals who have provided us with advice and feedback throughout the development process. We also acknowledge the past development team members, without whom Explore Learning and Teaching would not exist. We sincerely value your contributions.

  • Michael Cafe
    Web Multimedia Developer
  • Dale Hansen
    Content Development
  • Bradley Harrison
    Educational Designer
  • Alf Lizzio
    Director, Learning Futures
  • Geoff McIntyre
    Web Multimedia Developer
  • Zerinah Robertson
  • Daniel Tedman
    Web Application Developer
  • Nicole Wall
    Educational Designer
  • Ken Yeung
    Web Multimedia Developer
  • Academic Focus Groups
    Technology in Education Learning Advisory Group