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Last updated on 30/01/2018

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Reporting Islam


A suite of resources designed to offer reporters, editors and journalism students some basic guidance to the informed coverage of stories about Islam or involving Muslim people.


Reporting Islam is a project that drew on the international best practice research to develop a set of resources and reporting tips for news reporters, editors and journalism students. Reporting and editing of stories involving Islam and Muslim communities can have a major impact on people’s lives.

Of course, important news must be reported. However, the research shows that if reporting is ignorant, unethical, sensationalised or inaccurate, it can have devastating consequences.

Misreporting of Islam and Muslim people risks endangering or damaging people’s lives in important ways. The resources in this package aim to help the audience learn more about Islam and Muslim people and suggests some strategies to help them report upon news and current affairs fairly, accurately, and ethically to help avoid adverse consequences.

The resources draw upon international best practice – backed by the latest research – to provide the toolkit to report news and events in an informative and inclusive way.

The suite includes smartphone app (presently in preview mode only), website and printed handbook, featuring a research-based, best-practice guide to assist journalists in their reporting.

This project is national in its ambit, and was funded by the Commonwealth of Australia (July 2014 to the end of 2018). The multi-year research project was led by Chief Investigator Professor Jacqui Ewart (2015-2018) and was co-led by Professor Mark Pearson from July 2014 to December 2016. This site was developed during Stage 2 of the project in 2015-2016. That stage of the project required the development and trial of a suite of research-based training and education resources for Australian news media practitioners to encourage more informed reporting of Muslims and the Islamic faith. Resources were developed in partnership with Learning Futures.

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