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How do I advance my career?

In this Griffith Transferable Skills video, employers highlight the importance of networking as a career management skill.

You might be getting started in your career or building on an established foundation. Griffith has a range of resources to help you develop your career that can help you during your studies and after graduation

Developing your career

Griffith provides avenues for you to:

You can make appointments with advisors using the booking system on CareerHub.

Developing an ePortfolio

An ePortfolio enables you to showcase your learning, achievements, skills and experiences on a digital platform that's easy to update as you go. A nicely crafted ePortfolio forms part of your personal brand and reflects who you are and your career aspirations.

This Guide in PebblePad on how to create an ePortfolio will help you plan your personal portfolio. To access the guide, follow the link, choose Griffith from the list of organisations, and sign in using your Griffith account.