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How do I succeed in my studies?

These 5 senses of success can help you set your mind to succeed in your studies:

  • Sense of purpose
  • Sense of resourcefulness
  • Sense of capability
  • Sense of connection
  • Sense of identity

What do successful students do?

You might wonder what you can do to achieve good results. The research might surprise you.

Students who achieve good results in their studies:

  • show grit, persistently overcoming obstacles to achieve their goal
  • engage - with their course materials, with learning opportunities, and with other students
  • exercise self-control, focussing their activities on what supports their goal
  • are committed to growth and are open to new learning.

Read what fellow online students has learnt about successfully studying online and how to organise your time and life to be successful.

Become a strong learner in any setting

Action learning is the process of learning from experience. In this image, you can see action learning is ongoing, and involves:

  • planning
  • acting
  • taking feedback
  • reflecting
  • planning your next steps.

Keep this in mind in your studies and in your work, and you will develop robust learning skills for any setting.

Plan, Do, Observe and Reflect

Make your study work for your career

It is natural to focus on your career plans toward the end of your studies. In fact, Thrive Online includes a page, How do I advance my career? in the section, Almost Finished.

But – you can maximise the career benefits of your studies from your first day with Griffith. Here are some tips on how to leverage your studies to advance your career:

  • If possible, choose assignment topics that relate to your current or desired industry or work role
  • Scan job advertisements for insights into what employers are looking for and seek opportunities within your studies to gain skills in these areas
  • Identify any professional registration requirements and keep these in mind during your studies
  • Collect your assignment work in one place, so you can easily draw on this work for job applications. A PebblePad collection is a good option for this.