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Last updated on 21/02/2020

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Are you looking for ways to support students’ learning journeys throughout their study and beyond Griffith; to encompass their lifelong and life-wide learning experiences?

PebblePad: Supporting learning journeys

Did you reply yes? Great! PebblePad provides a suite of tools to support students in capturing and sharing their learning journeys while studying at Griffith and as future alumni.

How can PebblePad support Learning Journey?

PebblePad offers a number of exciting benefits for both student and teaching teams, as well as contributing to institutional goals.

Benefits for students include the ability to...

  • Evidence experiences, record reflections and capture achievements..
  • Showcase their skills, talents and achievements.
  • Work offline using the PebblePocket app to capture or create assets such as photos, videos, reflections or blogs and then sync these assets when back online.
  • Choose to publish or share individual items or whole collections of evidence with others
  • Incorporate co-curricular leanings, reflections and evidence.
  • Maintain access to their PebblePad account beyond graduation allowing them to continue to document and build on their learning journey.

Benefits for the teaching team include the ability to...

  • Offer students a framework for recording their achievements and experiences as they conceptualise and begin to frame their learning and personal development journey.
  • Facilitate opportunities for regular review and monitoring of student progress viewable via a “live link” in ATLAS (the Institutional space).
  • Use the live link feature to enable ongoing dialogue and feedback to students’ on their learning journey.
  • Provide students with a documented process allowing them to demonstrate standards or professional competencies across their learning journey.

Benefits for the institution...

  • Support and inspire students to own, transform, and communicate their life-long learning journey as a developing professional and global citizen (“Why Use PebblePad”, 2018).
  • The opportunity to encourage a stronger, richer alumni-student relationship (/mentorship) as students carry their personal Pebble+ account with them beyond graduation and therefore can continue to share their learning journey with our institution.

Examples of PebblePad in Action Learning Journey


  • Tagging is a very important skill for students to learn because it allows them to locate and organise their assets over time.
  • The PebblePocket app can be used to capture and record experiences and reflections while students are out and about.
  • Look at ways in which students can showcase their journey to their peers, teaching teams and industry.

Learning More...

Programmatic Approaches...

Consider collaborating with the Program Director and other Course Convenors to implement a Program-wide approach to the use of PebblePad. While this is not necessary, PebblePad allows students to access the content and activities over the length of their program.

Conducting Research...

Consider conducting research related to your use of PebblePad for publication in discipline specific journals or those with a higher education focus.


Contact your school's Learning and Teaching Consultants.

Self-help user guides and videos are available at on Griffith’s PebblePad Help site.

Pebblepad (Fact sheet). Getting Started with VLE tools and the Course Design Standards.

Pebblepad (Module). Getting Started with VLE tools and the Course Design Standards.

For technical support using PebblePad at Griffith, contact the IT Support Centre ( or x55555).


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